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There is very little information on the web about LOLA and its predecessors. Here are a few references that were correct as of January 2021.

Source Date Notes
3 photos of Hackney's LEO III computer
Hackney Archives

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1967 Almost certainly the LEO III run by the London Boroughs Management Services Unit (LBMSU) on behalf of the North East London Computer Scheme (NELCS) for the London boroughs of Hackney, Haringey and Tower Hamlets. Many of LBMSU's staff became part of LOLA and the applications were re-written on LOLA's IBM mainframe.
L.O.L.A. case study
Digital Archive, Open University.
ISBN: 0335140041
9th March 1980 An OU case study to support course M352, Computer based information systems. Discusses the technical database design and shows the system in use in the Rates department. LOLA and Hillingdon Council staff contributed. Click on Show more (bottom left) to see a comprehensive synopsis.
John Humphries House, Guide to...
Rob Powell,
June 29, 2011 Mainly about John Henry Humphries, Treasurer of the Borough of Greenwich and his pioneering application of electronic computers to municipal accountancy. Photo of LEO III/4.
John Humpheries House and LEO Computer Centre
Harry Pearman, Greenwich Industrial History
6 March 2018 Related to LOLA's predecessor, the Joint Committee of the Metropolitan Boroughs of Greenwich, Woolwich, Deptford, Southwark, Bermondsey and Camberwell. Many of LOLA's applications were originally developed for the LEO. Article includes some history of J. Lyons & Co. developing the LEO computer. Harry Pearman was the Rates Development Team Leader at LOLA
London Borough of Haringey long term computer project: report on the initial study
World Cat
as at January 2021 Catalogue listing for world-wide repositories holding a copy of the Haringey report. There are 14 library copies in all of the final 1969 report, with 7 in the UK. 3 editions listed but probably only 2 editions as 1 copy is listed as author H J Dive whereas the rest are LBMSU. The other edition is a short first report of 1968
Correspondence with former staff.


Alan Cooper was at LOLA from 1970 to 1975.

February-May 2021

John Aldridge,

Phil Brown (<=1970-2006),

Keith Callaghan (1970-83 and previously at LBMSU from 1967),

Chris Dee (1974-80),

Martin Jackson (1970-2006 and previously at LBMSU from 1968),

Jeremy Leighton (1980-93),

Mary Mills (wife of Alan Mills),

Richard Pantlin (1984-1990),

Peter Rawlinson (1986-88)

Ray Smith (1970-78 and previously at LBJCC from 1966 and then LBMSU from 1968),

Tony Upton,

Murali Vidhyadharan (1989-2006 and previously at Tower Hamlets from 1985),

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