A2 DVLA Stats

These stats have come from an extract of DVLA data up to September 2005, a few months before the last UK A2 was registered.

They have been produced in response to various queries over the years on the A2OC.

The data is not 100% accurate! In particular colours and engine capacities has some strange values.

A2 by Model & Year with Total Petrol & TDi

A2 by Model & Engine Capacity

Note: 66 vehicles excluded as the engine capacity data was invalid

A2 by Colour

A2 TDi by Colour by Model by Year

A2 Petrol by Colour by Model by Year

A2 90BHP by Colour

A2 Registrations by County

Note: there was a major error in the extract data. It appears that all the metropolitan districts data was classed as "not known". These areas are coloured green (no data) on the map.

Audi A2 Production 2000 to 2006

Audi Total Production 2000 to 2006